Frequently asked questions

    • How do I remove the 'Contenta Converter' watermarks?
      After purchase and successful registration, please delete watermarked photos and you can convert again from your originals. There will be no watermark now.
    • How to remove the watermark if I have lost the originals?
      Contenta Converter actually does not modify the originals or the source photos. Instead, it creates copies of them in a different format such as JPG, PNG etc. and save them in a folder away from where the originals are stored. However, if you have overwritten the original files by manually copying the output photos back to the source folder, or inadvertently deleted the originals after converting them, then please try doing a file recovery. Here is a link to a thread on how to recover deleted files in Windows

    • I am already a customer. I need my registration key. I want to know when my license expires. I want to download the software I purchased again.
      Please click here and enter the email you used during purchase. You will find all the information you need.

      Note for Mac users:

      If you are running a Mac fabricated before 2007 or run Mac Os X 10.5 or 10.6, then please use this older version. Otherwise please use the usual one.


    Please use the form below to report your problem. If it does concern a particular file, please email it to us so that we can study the problem.
    Please include:

    1. The problem, and how it can be reproduced. (if applicable)
    2. Error code if applicable
    3. Your operating system (XP, Vista, ...).
    4. Any other information, try to be as exact as possible We will respond asap, normally within 24 hours.

    More frequently asked questions

    • What happens when my license expires?
      Basically, nothing. The software you purchased is still yours forever. However, if you wish to upgrade to the latest version, you will have to renew your license.

    • My license is still valid. How do I upgrade the program?
      The best way to do it is to make sure the program is closed, then install it at the same location and overwrite the old version. You may need to register again, but most probably not.

    • My license has expired and I want to upgrade my program. How do I renew my license?
      Go to the customer area. We make it easy for you to do so... and at a special rate.